Tuesday, May 31, 2016


January of 2013 I started this post. I didn't change the title. I wonder what I was thankful for? I'm certain it's that last picture of Ava screaming and running away!

Maple syrup tapping. Seriously.

Random fun with Alina I never captured. So little. Oh Miss Ava, you're such a person now. Stay little. Please??? Because seriously, you're going to be a beast of a teenager!

Oh yes, and Christmas too!

Did I ever publish these pics? No idea! They are from at least three years ago. These are some CUTE kids!!!

Sports of all sorts

Another post I started but didn't finish...

Volleyball, and basketball
Sports of every sort.
I can't help
But wonder why
My life's spent on a court.

Of course it's not enough
To watch and play along.
We can't help
But volunteer
For every coaching role.

The kids have fun
They learn a lot
But sometimes I wonder why.

It's ups and downs
It's skill with a ball
And we laugh and yell and cry.


Never published... not sure if these showed up anywhere else. It must have been a year ago because it was convocation at Valpo (is that what you call the going forth ceremony?). Me with Orville Redenbacher and me with Nicole. Fun on both accounts!