Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Holi!

My most recent trip to India. It may be the last trip for awhile as I will likely take a new job soon (still at Kohler, different business). I will really miss going here. 

i went to Kadambini's house for dinner. It was wonderful. Her sister in law Mini cooked and made Indian food that I liked! Meaning... no curry, and not spicy!

 We took a trip to the plan in Aurangabad. We left at 4:30 am and returned at 1 am. LONG day! With a lot of driving. I only had to concentrate a few times on not puking. Many of the bathrooms here have these buckets. I'm not sure why...
 Kadambini's house
 We also went on a tour of Pune. We went to see Gandhi's internment museum.
 The restaurant we went to for lunch. It was beautiful.
 Kadambini, Neha (our legal person) and of course, me!
 They make a thing like a snowcone, where they actually shave a block of ice. Kadambini loves it! I think it would be ok, but they put a ton of salt on it, which seems strange. She loves that it turns her tongue red.
 A beautiful day!
 Dinner with Sameer and his wife and son Ankit.
 This light fixture... I just can't! it turns colors and AND is a bluetooth speaker so plays music!
 HOLI! Holi is a festival of color in India. There are bon fires the night before and then you take the color and put it on faces and say Happy Holi. After a bit, you cover everyone in color and also the water guns come out. And the strange thing to me is... they're all sober!

 This is the aftermath of the bon fire. It's so beautiful!
 Just some kids celebrating Holi. The kid in red loved throwing water at me!
 With the wives of some of the Kohler associates.
 How cute is this kid?
 Prasad... too funny!
 Dancing! I even danced!
 I think they must be twins.
 The color!
 The purple got a bit wet and smeared. Everywhere. It was also the most difficult to get off my face. It took a couple of days.

 This kid loved tormenting the girls with his water guns.


Fashion show

Nolan really does love clothes too much. He loves fashion shows for any clothes he buys. 
 Abby has to be more forced.
 We were shopping and Nolan got clothes for Ava to try on and they both did a fashion show in the dressing rooms at shopko.

And then there's these two...


Max was RIDICULOUSLY excited to go to camp this year. He talked about it forever, then really just couldn't wait for us to leave. Despite him not having the "regular" camp experience according to Dave (what do you mean you didn't swim much? How did you not do s'mores?), he immediately wanted to register for next summer. Look at that smile!

 This is when we picked him up. He could not wait to show us and tell us everything!
 I'm sure she's saying "Max! I missed you so much!" or she's telling him she slept in his room. Either way.

 Even Nolan was happy to have Max home.

Outside creatures should stay outside

That thing up there? Way in the corner? It's a BAT! Ugh! And of course, Dave wasn't home. And it was a Sunday. I called him and he said "you need to get rid of it, or call someone." My plan was to leave the house immediately. Ugh again. I guess I had to do something!
 After it hissed at me from poking it with a broom, and then flew around the house, and then I fell off the ladder twice and almost broke the railing, I finally put that contraption together. And it flew into the net and I got it outside, and I NEVER WANT TO SEE A BAT AGAIN!

How to describe?

Yeah, I have no idea either. But man they do have fun together. Even when I don't understand the fun. The smiles. The love. The crazy. I hope it lasts forever.